We Are Here to Be the Finest Maritime Service Providers at Global Level

Midshipmite Recruiters Pvt Ltd. Is ISO 9001-2015 Certified and MLC 2006 Certified company and certificate number: INMW1711582.

Midshipmite Recruiters Pvt. Ltd is a maritime recruitment firm. We basically provide opportunities for all the passionate seafarers to fulfill their desire of sailing in an ocean full of possibilities. We at Midshipmite believe in QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Along with recruitment we also provide the following service:

1) Chartering: With a wide range of clients Midshipmite also deals into the chartering of vessels. Having more than a decade of experience we have developed a huge network of clients that helps us to provide our clients with the best chartering service possible.

2) Scrapping: We also deal into scrapping of old vessels. We ensure that you meet the right buyer at the right time and make the right deal. " We not just take your scrap, we take your problems away. "

So, basically we have solution to all the shipping problems of a company. Crewing, Chartering , Scrapping you name it and we do it.We are right here for every shipping company and for all its need. Right from the birth if they require candidates we are here, in case they require to charter their vessel we are here and during the end stage of a vessel if you require us for scrapping guess what?  we are here. So you can say that we are a complete package to your shipping needs. A solution to all your problems. . Come work with us and "Expericence  service at its best."

3) S.R  Real Estate : Midshipmite Recruiters also have a sister company that is S.R Real Estate that is blooming in the real estate sector. With potential partners and hardwork S.R Real Estate has reached to a postion where we are able to fulfill all your requirement." Your desire our commitment. "



We provide candidates for the various job openings in this industries like: 

Main fleet

Captain Master

Deck Department

  • Chief Officer/Chief Mate
  • Second Officer/Second Mate
  • Third Officer/Third Mate
  • Deck Cadet
  • Carpenter
  • Able Seaman
  • Ordinary Seaman


Engineering Department

  • Chief Engineer
  • Second Engineer/First Assistant Engineer
  • Third Engineer/Second Assistant Engineer
  • Fourth Engineer/Third Assistant Engineer
  • Engineering Cadet
  • Qualified Member of the Engine Department
  • Pump man
  • Oiler
  • Wiper


Steward's department

  • Chief Steward
  • Chief Cook
  • Steward's Assistant


Oil Field and Gas {Rig/Barge Accommodation/Platform}

  • Captain
  • Chief Officer
  • 1st Officer
  • 2nd Officer
  • 3rd Officer
  • Deck Cadet
  • Safety Officer
  • Security Officer
  • Environmental Officer


Marine Recruitment for Engineer

  • Chief Engineer
  • 1st Engineer
  • 2nd Engineer
  • 3rd Engineer
  • 4th Engineer
  • Refrigeration Engineer
  • Electronic Engineer
  • Electrician
  • Motorman
  • Repairman Fitter/Oilier



Cruise/Passenger Recruitment

  • Bar Manager
  • Bar Tender
  • Wine Steward/ess
  • Bar Waiter/ess
  • Bar Storekeeper
  • Deck Steward
  • Utility
  • All type of staff which are required for Cruise


Cruise Recruitment

  • Front Office Manager
  • Executive Housekeeper
  • Bell Captain
  • Guest Relation Coordinator
  • Butler
  • Bell Boy
  • Stateroom Steward
  • Lounge Steward
  • Utility


Cruise Recruitment for Kitchen Staff

  • Chef De Cuisine
  • Sous Chef
  • Working Chef
  • Pastry
  • Chief Butcher
  • 2nd Cook
  • Chef 3rd Cook
  • Chief Baker
  • Chef De Partie 1st
  • Chef Guard manger
  • Buffet man
  • 1st Cook
  • Sanitation Supervisor
  • Storekeeper


Off Shore Rig: Oil platform Mittelplate in the North Sea. An oil platform, offshore platform, or (colloquially) oil rig is a large structure with facilities to drill wells (optionally), to extract and process oil and natural gas, or to temporarily store product until it can be brought to shore for refining and marketing.

  • Rigger
  • Rust Boat
  • Deck Man
  • Deck Officer
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Junior Engineers
  • Welder
  • Fitter
  • Cook/ Chef
  • Safety Officer
  • Safety Engineer
  • Painter


Offshore Vessels: Offshore vessels are ships that specifically serve operational purposes such as oil exploration and construction work at the high seas. There are a variety of offshore vessels, which not only help in exploration and drilling of oil but also for providing necessary supplies to the excavation and construction units located at the high seas.

Offshore ships also provide the transiting and relieving of crewing personnel to and from the high seas’ operational arenas, as and when necessitated.

  • Tug all crew supply
  • Anchor Handling
  • Supply vessel
  • Passenger Ship
  • Crew Boat Supply vessel
  • Engineers {All Type}
  • Landing Craft